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W/C 7th September 2020


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You will be full of energy after lunch – but what about your teeth? They are likely to need protection after food and drink. With V6 on your desk help is always close by! 

V6, Denmark’s only dental chewing gum brand and Oral-B, the world’s leading manufacturer of electric toothbrushes have joined forces to create the perfect match and have developed a new gum to take care of and protect your teeth, when you are far from a toothbrush.

V6 Oral-B is a new sugar free chewing gum with fluoride that helps the mineralisation process in the teeth after consumption of food and drinks. It will help neutralise plaque acids and refresh the breath – making you and your teeth all ready for a busy afternoon in the office. 

V6 Oral-B comes in a practical blister pack format that preserves the freshness of each piece of chewing gum for a long time. V6 Oral-B launches in two refreshing flavours, Spearmint and Peppermint. 

If your workplace is chosen, each employee will receive a pack of V6 Oral-B Peppermint chewing gum with 10 pcs. 

Spread smiles around the office with V6!



*Sugar-free chewing gum contributes to the neutralization of plaque acids. **Fluoride and sugar-free chewing gum contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralization. The beneficial effect is obtained with chewing 1 piece of gum, for at least 20 minutes, 5 times daily, after eating or drinking. Enjoy as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Not suitable for children under the age of 12 years. “Oral-B” used under license from P&G.

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The dentist's advice for healthier teeth and more smiles in everyday life

When it comes to dental care on the go, the Danes' preferred remedy is to chew gum, which more than one-third uses, while 28% of Danes bring the toothbrush in their bag. Britt Lilja points out that sugar-free chewing gum can have a positive effect in that it can remove food residues on the chewing surfaces as well as increase saliva production and restore the PH value in the mouth. The trend of combining chewing gum and dental hygiene is also seen in the market. chewing gum manufacturer V6 has partnered with Oral B dental hygiene specialists and together created a sugar-free chewing gum with fluorine to help protect teeth.